Our Investment Philosophy

At Sirius, we believe there are three key elements to building a strong foundation for business growth. The services and expertise that we offer are thus specifically intended to strengthen these elements to ensure business success for entrepreneurs.


1. Strategy

It is vital for any company to have a sound business strategy to chart growth and ensure optimal efficiency. Without a clear strategy, it is easy to lose sight of the company’s vision in the day-to-day challenges.

2. Competence

Building a successful company is not just about keeping a business going by attracting and retaining customers. Success is only possible if there is competence in all the various aspects of running a company.

While a sound business model is necessary, what is equally important is the competency required to run the business.

3. Capital

It is all well to have the right business model and strategy to grow the company, as well as the necessary competence to run it effectively. However, without the capital to fund growth, even the best company may stagnate. With the right capital, entrepreneurs can be empowered to take full advantage of business opportunities and maximise your potential for growth.

Sirius plays the role of a Partner by putting our time and money where our work is. We value add with our expertise in Entrepreurial Finance.

We are an active partner, with a long-term focus and attention to the growth needs of our Partners. We also serve on boards and help enhance our Partners’ business competency, governance and strategies.